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We are in the process of having Marvin Infinity double hung windows installed on the lower level of our walkout rambler. One of the windows is on the brick portion of our home. The window didn?t fit the opening, so the company?s installers removed the end cap and cut the window aluminum face by about a 1/8 on both sides. The end cap piece was not replaced. The cutting chipped some of the factory-applied finish, which is now covered with caulk. My questions are: 1. Have any of you pros done this, and is this a common practice? We were told it is done in at least 5% of their jobs. 2. Will this affect the integrity, functionality and service life of the window? We were told that it will not. 3. Since installation is a factor that Marvin considers in its warranty policy, will this affect the warranty? We requested that the company get a letter from Marvin and co-signed by themselves that the warranty will be honored. The cut window is now installed. The company said that if we are not satisfied with the window, they will order and install a new one made to fit the opening. Would you do this? There has been not been any discussion of a price adjustment if we stay with the window they cut and installed. If we accepted this window, what percentage reduction would you recommend we demand? Thanks in advance for the help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANGELA PEREZ (Edinburg, TX), 01/09/2019

I can't speak for your neck of the woods since most of my experience is from the S.E. Here the sun and rain play havoc on wood doors. That's not to say we don't use them. The finish on wood door lasts best if there is a nice porch roof to protect it. On the ones that have little protection, it isn't uncommon to need to sand and repoly on a yearly basis. If the added maintainence is too much - there are some good looking steel doors that look sharp on many houses - you just have to paint them - which generally holds up longer than poly and is more forgiving if you delay recoating.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 02/04/2019

Thanks Bill62

- JUAN COLLINS (Lakeville, MN), 02/16/2019

Marvin is a top quality window and the price reflect it, so they should make this right. Although it the installer, not Marvin that is responsible. Yes, it should be done correctly. My guess is someone mis-measured that window.

- BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 03/02/2019

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